The GRASP Program

Grief Recovery and Support Program

My 4-Phase Custom Coaching & Grief Counseling Program will equip you with the emotional & life skills to cope in a healthy way, allowing you to no longer feel alone on the journey & create a future of peace. 

Bren Bell

Benefits of GRASP

Personalized Support:

  • Get a custom plan to help you find joy, peace, and purpose again after loss.
  • Everyone’s journey is unique. Together, we can craft a plan that works with your own timeline & helps you overcome lack of direction.


  • A safe and non judgmental space is provided for you to express your feelings, whether they are anger, guilt, confusion or sadness.
  • No more needing to rely on friends or family members only.

Coping Strategies:

  • Stress & emotional management tools are provided to help you with challenges that arise during the grieving process.
  • Get back into a place where you can relax, sleep trough the night, increase productivity, get back into physical activity, & go to social events without constantly feeling on edge.

Goal Setting:

  • Create a brighter future with my one step at a time goal setting process.
  • Achieve things you never thought were possible after loss.

Communication Tools:

  • Grief can cause a strain on relationships. Get guidance on how to express your needs to others fore better understanding & healthier relationships with loved ones.

Grief Expectations, Education & Creating More Certainty:

  • Valuable education is provided regarding what to expect in the process of grief and how to navigate significant milestones, such as holidays and anniversaries.
  • We will also build more resilience and confidence, helping you have more certainty that you can bounce back from challenges.


Seeking help is a sign of strength, and only you will know the “right” time to seek support. Honor your own pace and emotions knowing GRASP is here when you are ready.