FAQ’s / Concerns

How do I know when I should seek help for my grief? 

If you are experiencing sadness, uncertainty, lack of drive and purpose, or isolation after a loss… my grief counseling and coaching can help.

Avoiding the grieving process only prolongs the journey and adds resistance to the process.

Remember that seeking help IS a sign of strength.

Coaching might be a stretch for my budget:

If your grief is significantly affecting your well-being, how you show up at work, and/or your relationships with others… The return on investment emotionally, physically, and otherwise may be worth finding the resource for.

How much time have you been spending using coping mechanisms that aren’t serving you (ie: drinking, overthinking, emotionally eating, avoiding social events) and creating more stress?

Through our work together, we will help you process grief in a healthier, less stressful way that will add more time, peace, & productivity back to your life.

What if my partner or spouse is not supportive of me having a coach and counselor?:

If your partner or spouse is concerned about you investing in support, you both can book a Free Call with me to chat more about the benefits, what’s included, and how coaching works. Prioritizing your mental well-being will equip you to show up more readily for yourself, career, & family.

What’s the difference between grief coaching & counseling vs. therapy?

While modalities and approaches will differ, coaches and therapist share the same goal, they are both invested in helping you better yourself.

Therapists can diagnose and provide professional expertise, while coaches help clients identify the challenges, and then work in partnership with clients to obtain goals.

A therapist may spend more time examining the past, looking for solutions to emotional concerns, where coaches focus more on the present, identifying obstacles, developing strategies, and taking action to improve specific areas of their life,

A grief coach has furthered their study in the understanding of the grieving process.

How can I be sure this is going to work for me?

First, it is normal to have reservations about trying something new or making a personal investment like coaching.  Coaching is not a magical solution, and it requires active participation and commitment from the client.

Coaching can help individuals set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and make positive changes in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space.

I offer a free consultation session for potential clients to experience coaching firsthand and decide if it is the right fit for them.


Seeking help is a sign of strength, and only you will know the “right” tine to seek support. Honor your own pace and emotions knowing GRASP is here when you are ready.