Grief Support in the Midst of Parenting Program

My 4-Week Jumpstart to Your Grief Journey

Are you feeling alone, isolated, lost and uncertain after the loss of a loved one? Are you the caregiver who is holding the family together after loss?


Grieving while parenting is a complicated process. As parents we are expected to be emotionally and physically available to our children.  Grief can present a challenge for parents to make time for their own grief, as a couple and individually.  This is essential for the health of the parents as well as the family unit. 


  • Personalized Support: Get a plan tailored to your needs that supports you with managing work, parenting, and home life while you go through your grieving process.
  • Confidentiality: A safe and non judgmental space is provided for you to express your feelings, whether they are anger, guilt, confusion or sadness.
  • Coping Strategies: Stress & emotional management tools are provided to help with challenges that arise during the initial grieving process, such as unhealthy coping mechanisms (overworking, under eating, alcohol etc.) and breakdown in communication due to improperly managed emotions.
  • Goal Setting: We work together to identify and adjust to realistic goals during initial process of family grief.

Working one-on-one with a grief coach is a valuable investment in your emotional well-being. It can help you navigate the challenges of grief and move forward to a place of healing and resilience.


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    Feeling lost about how to calm anger and uncomfortable feelings
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    Feeling uncertain about family dynamics and family roles after a loss
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    Avoiding parenting duties or being short-tempered with family members


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    Equipped with emotional & stress management to utilize in social and personal situations
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    Setting realistic expectations & goals about your “new normal”
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    Feeling equipped to manage emotions, calmer parenting & allocating time for self healing

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